CheatersInc Unturned Cheat Mod Highlights


Unturned is a new indie game that went viral within the first few weeks of it being release, getting over a million downloads in the first 2 months that it was open to the public.  It is a Minecraft style free-to-play survival game that can be downloaded off steam.  There are already many exciting new mods, cheats and hacks for this great game. is probably the forerunner leaded the way for many new exciting cheats and hacks to be made for the game making it even more fun and exciting to play.  These unturned hacks offer a wide range of interesting mods and cheats to the game the can completely alter the mechanics of the game.  One hilarious feature is a zombie aggro mod, that when activated can aggro zombies to any player you wish.  So someone better think twice about messing with you or your builds lest they find them self with a never ending hoard of zombies on their tail.  Other unturned cheats and hacks from include a very detailed overlay ESP system they shows you where valuable items are, the location of vehicles and other important assets, and of course where other player might be lurking about trying to ambush you and steal your loot!  This tool offers hours and fun and non-stop laughter.  Other cool features in the unturned tool lets you get around the map easier with features like fly mode, speed boosting, and even a teleporting feature.  All this and much more is available in the great unturned hack offered by CI.  They also offer a wide array of other great cheats for many of the latest popular games that people are playing today and have an amazing community of people who share their own experiences and are always around to help each other out.  If you’re someone looking for a new games to play, or someone who already plays unturned and is looking for something a little new, check out all the great cheats and hacks has to offer.


A Review of Metro Last Night


This game was actually a gift to me from my girlfriend. She isn’t much of a gamer, but wanted to surprise me and I guess thought this game looked pretty cool. To be honest with you, if it had come from anyone else I probably would have tried returning it or it’d be collecting dust right now. But she’s my girlfriend and it was a nice thing to do, so I decided to give it a go. I’m really glad I did because this game is severely underrated. Long story short, if you like first person shooters but have run out of games to play, Metro: Last Night is definitely worth considering.

For one thing, the graphics on this game are as good as any you’ll find on the Xbox or PS4. They are easily comparable to those of the latest Call of Duties. Plus, the frame rate updates immediately, so you’re never running into a situation where you’re moving your player faster than the game can keep up. It’s always annoying running into such an issue, but when you’re playing a shoot game this is especially true. Anyway, like I said, it won’t happen. Plus, the levels on this game are beautiful, all the equipment is extremely detailed, basically the developers made good use of what the graphics available.

I should point out, too, that this game comes with a great atmosphere. By this I mean that, even when you’re not in the thick of a firefight, you’re on the edge of your seat. I like games that do this well, because it feels like you’re getting more for your money (or my girlfriend’s money, in this case). As a game taking place pretty much in a post-apocalyptic world, you should expect a lot of creepy silences and this one delivers. Plus, it makes the ensuing battles that much more enjoyable as you finally break that silence.

Without giving anything away, I’ll say that the story dovetails with the atmosphere perfectly. It makes sense that the world is bleak and often dead silent around you and it would be weird if it wasn’t. The story is, by the way, a really good one.

If you missed this game because it didn’t get the marketing it deserved or you were too busy playing Bioshock Infinite, be sure to give it a try. Metro: Last Night is a great shooter that has some very unique assets.

Mario Kart 8


There are two types of people in the world: those who absolutely love any Mario Kart games and those who at least like them a bit. I’m definitely in the first camp, so it almost surprises me that a review of this game is necessary. I mean, it’s Mario Kart after all. Nonetheless, there’s a lot to love about this game that I think most people will appreciate it. I know that I definitely have some friends who fall into the latter category above and they’ve all been huge fans of this new version of an old favorite.

So for those of you who love the Mario Kart franchise as much as I do, let me start by addressing your concerns: no this  game has not lost a step. It’s not like when they brought the title over to the Wii and something just seemed off. Nintendo has done a really solid job of coming up with a Mario Kart game that’s true to its roots and still an absolute blast to get behind the controls of. From the starting sound of your engine revving and the traffic lights counting down to the numerous nods to prior titles, you’ll find plenty to love here and get nostalgic about.

To those of you who maybe haven’t bought Mario Karts in the past, this incarnation is definitely worth your time. For one thing, you know Mario Kart is always a solid standby when you have friends over. It requires talent to be really good at it, but not so much that people can’t just pick it up and start playing. With the four player mode on Mario Kart 8, this game is as game as ever for helping large groups get together and have fun.

Of course, the online aspects of this game are nothing to sneeze at either. So even if you’re not having a party, you still don’t have to spend your time alone. As you can probably guess, the Mario Kart 8 online community is expansive—there is always someone new ready to challenge you.

Plus, the design of the game itself is better than ever. I found some of the levels a bit easy, but that may just be me. They’re definitely all amazing to look at. And the old weapons plus all the new ones give you plenty of ways of making each level plenty difficult for your peers.

A Review of Killzone: Shadow Fall


There was a lot to love about games that came out around the same time as Killzone: Shadow Fall, but I’d put this one right at the front of the pack. To be honest, I’m surprised this one didn’t do better commercially. I remember waiting for the Metacritic reviews to come in, one by one, so I could check up on Killzone, because it was a pre-order of mine at the time. So, definitely take this review with a grain of salt as I had been anticipating this game for a long time and am obviously a fan of the series. That being said, I think I can give a sober recommendation of the game to anyone, whether they’re previously familiar with it or not (by the way, MetaCritic gave it a score of 74, which is very respectful).

One of the first things that jumped out at me about this game was the overall presentation. The graphics are on point and the world the game paints for you is immersive and detailed. No matter how fast you push the action, you can expect the images to keep coming at you without issue. That’s obviously always important, but especially so when we’re talking about a first person shooter.

Multiplayer was another reason to love this game. It’s always fun to light up the CPU, but in today’s day and age, I think most people just want to go online and shoot their friends. There are also more than enough multiplayer challenges to keep you occupied for weeks too. I think Killzone: Shadow Fall had some of the best gameplay of any shooter that game out at the time, with maybe a couple exceptions. This gameplay definitely won’t let you down though.

A lot of people didn’t like the lack of storyline and overall character development. This is definitely somewhere where the game could have spent a little more time, but I wouldn’t say it necessarily ruins anything. It’s a shooter, after all. So just enyong the shooting and don’t let the lack of story get to you.

Plus, while it doesn’t tell much of a story, you still absolutely feel something when playing the game. You’re immersed in this world and will feel as though you’re really there thanks to how well it’s been constructed. What more story do you really need?

Considering this game broke the million copies sold mark, I know plenty of other people feel the same way I do and would also recommend it.